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Expert 40-Year Building Inspection Services in Florida


40-Year Building Inspection Services in Florida

Homecore Inspections offers meticulous 40, 30, and 25-year recertification inspections in Florida, tailored to meet all of the Florida Building Safety Inspection requirements. Our inspection rigorously covers:

  • Structural Components: We examine beams, columns, slabs, decks, facades, and exteriors, focusing on their integrity and stability.

  • Non-Destructive Techniques: Prioritizing non-invasive methods in phase I inspections, we work diligently to complete your inspection with as little disruption as possible – making for a smooth recertification process.

  • Expert Knowledge: Our team's expertise in steel structures, concrete, masonry, and building envelopes ensures a thorough and knowledgeable inspection process.

  • Detailed Reporting and Recommendations: Post-inspection, we provide a comprehensive report with detailed findings and full set of color photos for recertification compliance. If repairs are needed, we offer guidance on high-quality solutions.

  • Commitment to Service: Upholding our dedication to customer service, we're always available for follow-up questions and support.

Opt for Homecore Inspections in Florida for your 40-year recertification to ensure thorough, phase I and phase II inspections by experts familiar with all of Florida's building safety inspection requirements. Our commitment to detailed reporting and ongoing customer support makes us your ideal partner in maintaining your property's safety and compliance.

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Ensuring the safety and longevity of your property with meticulous inspections, expert knowledge, and unwavering customer support – that's the Homecore promise.

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